Shawn Stowe: Client Testimony

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. I don’t remember a time other than childhood when I can actually say I was thin. My real weight problems began in high school at a time when you really want to fit in. I remember all my friends being thin, having all the boys like them and here I was the fat friend that was just tagging along. I got by with my personality and the ability to make people laugh. I was even voted Class Clown imagine that! I can honestly say that I tried about every diet out there and failed miserably at every one to. I found that I was either starving or felt bloated; some I would have a ton of energy at the beginning for a few hours then crash hard. I even tried starving myself at one point. I did lose weight but put it all back on once I started eating again. The problem was I didn’t know the proper way to eat and my body was going into starvation mode and holding onto all the fat. I constantly gave myself excuses why I had no time to exercise or do any type of physical activity whatsoever. I honestly feel at all the points in my life even though I told myself that I was ready to lose weight and wanted to do it so bad, that I wasn’t ready to do what was necessary. I was living in this selfish mindset that I somehow needed to break…but how? Meeting Chris at work honestly saved my life!!!! What do I mean by that you ask? I was told at a doctor’s appointment that if I didn’t lose weight I would be a diabetic in six months. I had been struggling with severe sugar crashes, headaches, drained of all energy to the point that I could barely get out of bed in the morning, and vision issues. Did I jump right into the healthy lifestyle? No! I did the opposite telling myself that I was fine the way I was and the doctors didn’t know what they were talking about….Stupid huh? I continued to eat very unhealthy and living on my path to destruction. I remember observing Chris at work prepping for his show and took a huge interest bombarding him with questions about what he was doing. He was always so helpful answering all my questions and encouraging me that he could help put me on a meal plan that would teach me how to eat healthy and lose weight the right way. I kept making excuses because I was used to being the unhealthy, overweight person that I was. He told me when I was ready to let him know and we could get started. About a week later I came to Chris and told him I was ready. He sat down with me and told me what information I needed to send him and said that he wanted me to know that based on my current weight that it could take me two years to lose the amount of weight I wanted with no exercise. He also said to me something that I will always remember…he said that this will be one of the hardest things I will ever do but if I wanted it bad enough I would succeed. I started this journey at 285 pounds. I was tired of being sick and tired so I jumped in with everything that I had in me. Did I want to quit? Of course…I tried giving myself excuses to several times but Chris kept encouraging me and telling me to take it one day at a time and keep pushing. I am so glad that I did!!! I actually listened!!! I started small with the exercise walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week but started realizing how great I started feeling. I actually started losing weight and seeing and feeling the difference in my body! I can honestly say as time went on it began to get easier and I was actually enjoying being healthy. CJSFit’s plans really work!! I am a living breathing example of this. To give you an idea of where I was at I started out at 285 pounds, doing no exercise eating the most unhealthy foods out there. I wore a size 3X – 4X shirt, size 28 pants to now being down 100 pounds at 185 pounds…eating completely clean, exercising 6 days a week twice a day for an hour each time. I wear size Medium – Large shirts, size 16 pants now.  I honestly love the way I feel!! I have set myself a personal goal to be at my goal weight of 150 pounds before my year anniversary of starting with CJSFIT. I want everyone to know that I am proof that you can do it if you put your mind to it! I cannot rave enough about Chris and his company. He is the type of coach that you can talk to about anything with your body without feeling embarrassed. He makes you feel comfortable and is beyond supportive. I thank Chris for giving me my life back!!!

 Andrea Jensen: Client Testimony

I had moderately dieted and exercised for about 6 months on my own and lost about 10 pounds.  I continued with my dieting and exercise and I wasn’t really losing anymore weight. I knew I needed to change something, but I didn’t know what. I needed help with what to eat, how often to workout & needed someone to push me. I had approached my friend Chris for 3 reasons. 1) He lived and breathed good eating, exercise and was very knowledgable about nutrition.  2) I know Chris to be very motivational, dedicated, strict & a perfectionist. 3) I knew that helping others achieve their goals was something he had been wanting to do.

I was excited to start my journey with Chris as my coach. He gave me weekly meal plans, exercise guidance & tracked everything I did. He made adjustment if needed and always was encouraging. I worked with Chris from January 2015 through August 2015. In that time I lost a total of 25 pounds. For the first time in my life I enjoyed my workouts and I was  feeling great about myself which motivated me even more! If you are serious about fitness goals, I highly recommend Chris to help guide you to your success!

Kevin Ludlow: Client Testimony

Thanks to cjsfit I’m down 40lbs in  11 weeks.  With their knowledge and guidance I am now eating better and working out.  I owe everything to cjsfit.  I refuse to be the dad who sits on the sidelines and now with their I won’t be.   I highly recommend them fit all fitness needs including their incredible line of fitness apparel.   They’re the total package!!

Adam Delgrosso: Client Testimony

I have had a job where I am at a desk all day for about the last 10 years, and have been slowly putting on weight. Chris has always been about eating healthy and a fit lifestyle, so I asked him for some help. He gave me weekly meal plans, and gave exercise advice. I lost about 25 lbs in 4 months, and it wasn’t just water weight I lost. I’ve known Chris a long time, and he loves to help people make healthy decisions and reach their weight and fitness goals. If you are serious about losing weight or reach a fitness goal, and want someone who pushes you, Chris is your guy.