Be An Inspiration

CJSFIT is here to make a positive mark on the fitness industry. Our company is truly founded on the passion for creating a better fitness experience. When you are doing something you love, you give it everything you have!


Client Transformation’s

About Us

CJSFIT was formed on October 2015 as a part of CJSCOLLON, LLC. The company was created to focus on nutrition, personal training and helping others get the results they want through a healthy lifestyle. Our company was headquartered in the town of Dansville, NY. We have recently relocated to Wake Forest, NC as of August 2016.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the proper nutrition and exercise training-along with plenty of genuine support and positive motivation-to help them individually achieve their personal health/fitness goals. We are here to design a program that will give YOU the results you want and to teach you how to apply and fit these guidelines to your own lifestyle.

What’s next for us? We are continuing to build upon our recently started fitness apparel line. The apparel line will provide the fitness community with top-of-the-line quality products. The phrase on our first apparel release says “Be an inspiration”; we will always remain committed to spreading a positive and motivating message through all aspects of our services and products. In 2019 we have plans to open up a new gym/fitness center that will also feature a nutrition and personal training studio along with an apparel store.

Our Team

CJ Scollon: Co-Owner of CJSCOLLON, LLC; ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer; extensive personal bodybuilding and fitness experience; DedFit sponsored athlete; Primary Trainer for Camp Gladiator.; member of Team Pastor Pump under the guidance of Carlos Rodriguez.

Sara Zalewski-Scollon: Co-Owner of CJSCOLLON, LLC; fitness apparel manager; BA-Gettysburg College; currently undergoing total body transformation per CJ Scollon custom training and nutrition programming.